“Thanks Gift” Brings Users From Virtual Ameba Pigg To Real Shops

CyberAgent [J] has announced that they will release “Thanks Gift,” an advertising product which promotes the exposure to real shops, on their 2D virtual space “Ameba Pigg.” [J]
“Thanks Gift” is an advertising product which presents the buyer of a business’ original item (virtual) sold or distributed within Ameba Pigg with a coupon which can be exchanged for a business’ product sold at a real shop.  In the first part of this advertising product development, they will issue coupons which can be exchanged for business’ products at “Loppi,” the shop front terminal screen set up at 9,364 Lawson stores in all of Japan.  In addition, participating businesses will direct users who have simulated the experience of products or services on Ameba Pigg to real shops where they can sample actual products.  This will make it possible to develop new advertisements which bring the virtual to the real using “OtoO” (online to offline).  In addition, once the advertising products are in place, MD Partners [J] will be in charge of managing the coupon distribution system and service.
Ameba Pigg Official Guide Book

The Apple of Happiness – The True Story of Ameba Pigg

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