Ameba Pigg Introduces Marketing Products For Drug Store Matsumoto Kiyoshi

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced the sales of corporate advertisement products “Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” which promotes guidance and purchases at real shops, in cooperation with Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Inc. [J], via their 2D virtual space Ameba Pigg [J].

“Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” is a service which distributes free original Pigg corporate items at a limited term basis at the newly established “Matsumoto Kiyoshi Digital Shop” in the Shibuya area within Ameba Pigg, and furthermore issues coupons that allow customers to get limited original Pigg items when they purchase targeted products at Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in the same area.  The enterprise allows for sales promotion for over the counter goods at the about 700 Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in all of Japan simultaneously with the over 14.2 million “Ameba Pigg” users, as it can lead users who simulated products in Ameba Pigg to real shops and promote product purchases.

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