First Augmented Reality App Contents For Vending Machines By Coca-Cola Japan And AR Sankyoudai

Coca-Cola Japan, Inc. [J] has announced the introduction from April of the world’s first AR (augmented reality) application for smartphone which works together with vending machines.  They’re developing these pioneer contents in partnership with AR Sankyoudai [J], and are also opening an introduction video on the member website Coca-Cola Park [J] in Japan.  The video test hearing page is here [J].
This AR app works together with the energy conserving “Peak Shift Vending Machine,” which Coca-Cola has begun to install this year, and can cut 95% of electrical consumption during the daytime.  When you hold the camera from a device running the app up to the “Polar Bear” design on a vending machine, the “Polar Bear” laughs and sneezes on the screen.  It also conveys the merit of the Peak Shift vending machine while making charming activity such as printing a sign reading “Completely Silent,” characteristic of the machine.  As a link between vending machines and AR apps, by making AR markers of product samples of Coca-Cola vending machines all over the country, they will continue to apply PR marketing techniques for each product brand.  As the first stage, they will offer contents which will playback a TV commercial message on the scren when you hold the device’s camera up to “Coca-Cola Zero.”

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