Granny Dating Simulation Game – Jun’ai Babah Gakuen

Jun’ai Babah Gakuen (= pure romance granny school) is a new Android/iOS dating sim on which you may live as a male student and date with one-million-year-old grannies.

Dating simulation has been featuring pigeons (English version available), creatures, alpaca, animals, T-rex, sushi, printer, etc.

The game is to be released soon from the maker of “Hag of one million years old”, a game raising one million years old granny on smartphone. Granny one million years old might be another shot to be unique in this competitive category.

Hag of one million years old

Genre: Games, Simulation, Entertainment, Family

Genre: Games, Entertainment, Family, Simulation
Language: English
Price: free
Version: 1.07 1.05

Artist: hiroyuki shigetomi
Released at: October 12, 2014


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Granny Dating Simulation Game – Jun’ai Babah Gakuen

Tokyo Met Government Releases Puzzle Game To Enlighten Consumer Intelligece For iOS And Android

Tokyo Metropolitan Government bureau of citizens and cultural affairs released an iOS/Android app “Mamore! Shuuma & Elme”(mamore = protect), which is the first ever game app to pass on consumer information by local government in Japan, according to the release [J].

The game itself is a typical puzzle game, where you need to line up three balloons to erase. The app has a notification bar at the top, like mobile ads, to inform heads-up of several anecdotal deceiving cases.

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Nikkei Reports Docomo To Copy KDDI’s Successful Android App Subscription Program “Smart-Pass”

Nikkei Business reported as a “breaking news” today [J] that Japan’s largest telco NTT Docomo is planning to start the fixed rate Android app subscription service such like #2 KDDI’s au Smart Pass earliest in June.


KDDI’s Smart Pass, which charges 390 yen (US$4.00) every month for variety of Android apps set, recently passed 5 million subscribers. 1 out of 6 KDDI users using the Internet connection on their cellphone are subscribing the service.

Colopl And Disney Release Location Based Card Battle Game “Disney Magician Chronicles”

Colopl Inc. [J] has released the Android smartphone card RPG app featuring Disney characters, Disney Magician Chronicles [J] in cooperation with Walt Disney Japan Inc. [J].  Download is free.

“Disney Magician Chronicles” is a game where the user becomes a magic academy student and summons the power of Disney friends, embarking on adventure to seek out the legendary “Sun Kaltia” card which is said to grant whatever you wish for.  Collect numbers and marks written by Kaltia (the card) and advance your exploration while casting magic, and proceed through the story as battles with moon magicians unfold.  You can get equipment, items and Mystic Kaltia (magic cards) from capsule machines, exploring the stages, battles with moon magicians, and clearing quests, and you can build up your Kaltia by gathering and combining Mystic Kaltia depicting various Disney characters.  It also makes use of the location game component particular to Colopl that allows you to get special items according to the place you’re at when you register your location.  This title will begin service leading with an Android version, but they are also planning an iOS release.


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Mixi Launches Smartphone Photo App Sends You Free Photobook Every Month

Mixi released iPhone/Android free app Nohana [J] today.

The app is a camera application with backend photo storage web service. Every month, you get one free photobook (stamp fee 90-yen = $1 required though) made from your taking photos. The book will have 28 pages with 20 photos.

They said that their business model is to sell the second or more photobooks, such like a gift to grand-parents living remotely.

The app is seen on US iTunes Store, but the texts are all in Japanese. And the truth that the site says 90-yen mail fee only, it sounds like the free book is only available domestically.

ノハナ フォトブック印刷・成長記録アプリ

Genre: Photo & Video, Lifestyle
Language: English, Japanese
Price: free
Version: 5.7.0

Artist: nohana, Inc.
Released at: 9:30 AM
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