colopl Releases Global Smartphone Game “DINO Dominion”

colopl Inc. [J] has released an iOS global version of the smartphone original simulation game app “Kyouryuu Dominion” (Dinosaur Dominion) as DINO DOMINION.  As with the Android version [J], download is free, but it cannot be used in Japan.
“Kyouryuu Dominion” is an original simulation game for smartphone that lets you enjoy powerful dinosaur battles using realistic dinosaurs as a motif.  “DINO DOMINION,” just like in the Japanese version, lets you enjoy realistic exploration scenes and animations that make use of JavaScript and HTML5, over 150 dinosaurs reappearing in minute 3D detail, and true to life sound effects.  In addition, it incorporates “location game” components distinctive of colopl where by registering your location you can proceed advantageously.

Kyouryuu Dominion [J]


[app id:561870032] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

1/35 Dinosaur world series small dinosaurs set [J]

Dinosaurs (Kodansha Encyclopedia MOVE) [J]

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