CyberAgent Opens Open Source Smartphone Development Services “GPUImage for Android” And “Easymock”

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced the opening of “GPUImage for Android,” an image conversion framework for Android as an open source for smartphone service development, and “easymock,” a mock server which easily implements transmission tests with a web server.
These open sources were developed for the smartphone auction service Pashaoku [J], which CyberAgent released on August 27th, 2012.  “GPUImage for Android” is an image conversion framework developed for Android, for which until now a representative library did not exist, and it is highly compatible with the iOS version “GPUImage.”  In addition to the possibility for efficient development on a platform that offers service for iOS along with Android, it has features such as original filter functions and response speed.  “easymock” is a mock server that allows the execution of processing tests accompanying necessary web server transmissions for native application development, at step increments during development rather than waiting for the server site.  You can easily test various API expressions, carry out efficient development, and it’s also possible to download the nmp package.  The download site is here [J].
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