How to recover WordPress posts from NewsBlur

This post is not related with Asia/Japan IT news.

When I noticed that there were no latest backups kept on any cloud services by combined mistakes, Asiajin’s past articles since January 2014 seemed to be lost for good. My RSS reader might keep the latest 10 or so, but I was not so eager to take time for them.

When suggested to salvage form Newsblur, I did not know that service. The service keeping all past copies of the feed (Asiajin offers full RSS feed for readers’ convenience) does not sound good, if I become to know it in regular time. Letting readers know about Japanese IT news is more important for us than earning page views, though.

Anyway, the site offers API, and I found a good tool to export the data from there. Then, I needed to convert the exported data (in JSON style) to our using self-hosted WordPress.

I wrote a script to do that, and it worked and the lost 40 posts are now back on the blog. This is not really generic tool, but for someone who might see the similar troubles in future, I decided to make it public on GitHub.


Lost articles are back

We had lost recent articles, but luckily could salvage most of the once-lost-ones from an RSS reader service.

There could be some glitches on the posts from January 2014 to September 2015. Your feedback would fix them.

Thanks for the tip @LonelyBob !

As you notice, Asiajin activities have been pretty low these years. There were some other good English blogs opened to cover Japanese IT industry news, so the demand for Asiajin is not high if comparing with when we started in 2007.

I will post if I find an interesting news, but it won’t be frequent. If anyone wants to join and make Asiajin active again, you are very welcome.

AllAbout Launches Non-Japanese AllAbout Japan for Foreign Visitors

AllAbout Inc., AllAbout Inc., a Japanese company which originally started as a joint-venture between Recruit and US, running All About in Japanese, announced today [J] September 29th that its multi language sites AllAbout Japan, initially with English.


According to the release, the site will have original articles by 500 Japan expert foreign writers, who both live in and outside Japan. The site is planned to get Chinese, Korean and Thai localization.

AllAbout Inc. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market. Major shareholders are the largest printing company Dai Nippon Printing(DNP), Recruit Holdings and Yahoo! Japan.


Twitter Japan Begins Adboard in Central Tokyo

Twitter Japan(@TwitterJP) announced that it started signboard ads for passengers using Shimbashi station for one months.

This one says “Twitter knows the buzzed news.”

“When Twitter is telling you it is buzzed, it is surely buzzed on Twitter.”

Around Shimbashi station, special printing newspaper style paper ad with the title “News Now” are distributed to people.

Shimbashi station, around 2 kilometers south of Tokyo station, is the country’s first train station since 1872. Four train companies are connected and stopped by about 450,000 passengers. The station is thought as a typical “salaryman”(white collar worker men) place.

Vending Machine Talks to Employees in President’s Voice

Japanese beverage distributor Dydo Drinco (TSE: 2590) jointly invented president-message speaking vending machine with Kyoto-based Taxi company MK Co..

translation by Asiajin
translation by Asiajin

The release shows some voice message samples. When you throw in coins, it says “Yes, adjust your cloths and make smile”. When the can is served, it might speak “Thank you as always”.

6 of the vending machine with the MK’s president voice are installed at 5 of their branches.

1960 established MK Co. is known as an industry disruptor, filed lawsuits against government to lower price than other companies in the region.

According to 47 News, Dydo is to sell it to other companies as a tool to enhance in-company communications.

via 47 news and Dydo Drinco release [J, pdf]