Vending Machine Talks to Employees in President’s Voice

Japanese beverage distributor Dydo Drinco (TSE: 2590) jointly invented president-message speaking vending machine with Kyoto-based Taxi company MK Co..

translation by Asiajin
translation by Asiajin

The release shows some voice message samples. When you throw in coins, it says “Yes, adjust your cloths and make smile”. When the can is served, it might speak “Thank you as always”.
6 of the vending machine with the MK’s president voice are installed at 5 of their branches.
1960 established MK Co. is known as an industry disruptor, filed lawsuits against government to lower price than other companies in the region.
According to 47 News, Dydo is to sell it to other companies as a tool to enhance in-company communications.
via 47 news and Dydo Drinco release [J, pdf]

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