Car Town Hits Japan! On Mobage For Feature Phone

Cie Games Japan [J] has begun to offer feature phone Mobage [J] service for the social game “Car Town.” From September 15th (Thurs.) through September 18th (Sun.) they will also be opening a booth at the “Tokyo Game Show 2011,” held by Makuhari Messe.
“Car Town” is a feature phone social game based on Facebook’s PC social game “Car Town,” which boasts 8 million active users a month. When they “Drive,” users become a racer and advance through plotted maps throughout Japan, then they race in a showdown against a boss character for each map. There is a “Shop” for things like tire change and car wash, and users can collect their favorite cars by earning the virtual currency “Gear,” while they compete in one of three types of “Race:” Drag race, Drift race, and Rally race. The collected cars’ color, engine, and so on, can be modified, and the appearance and performance of the car can be customized to your liking. Cars which appear in the game include “Honda,” “GM,” “Ferrari,” etc., and with licensed contracts with over 20 Japanese and overseas car makers, over 100 different actual car models are featured.
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