“App Girlfriend” Traning Battle Communication Game Released, Features Augmented Reality

Toy Logic, Inc. [J] has released the iOS version of the smartphone training battle game Appuri Kanojo [J] (App Girlfriend).  Download is free.

“App Girlfriend” is a training battle communication game where you raise and have conversation with “Purikano,” 3 beautiful girl style anti-virus apps who live in your smartphone.  It comes with 3D graphics and a voice function, you dress the Purikano up in various costumes and gaze from many angles, and you can also enjoy conversation.  What’s more, it has AR (augmented reality) functions, and it’s possible to display your own Purikano in the real world from AR markers.  Character design is headed by Takayama Mizuki, and each character’s voice is done by Mimori Suzuko, Seto Asami, and Kanamoto Hisako.

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Appuri Kanojo

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