Event Wrap-up: Echelon 2011 And More, A Visit To Singapore In June

Almost a month ago, there was an international technology and start-up showcase event, which is called Echelon, at the National University of Singapore. Because of many things to do remaining after the event, I delayed making a write-up on it.
I think this year’s Echelon was its second edition, and that took place on June 16 and 17. Here’s a brief wrap-up.
Startup Launchpad (Part 1)

  •  Cardinal Blue (a photo collage app for iPhone/iPad) – Taiwan
  • WorkCrowd (a free social network for your workspace) – Malaysia
  • SixReps (a social network for fitness and sportenthusiasts) – Indonesia
  • JellyBus (a developer of Android-based funny apps) – Korea
  • Fetch Fans (A web-based assistant to help your Facebook/Twitter designs) – Singapore
  • Bouncity (A location-based gaming platform where users can hunt for bounty from participating brands and get rewards)

Startup Launchpad (Part 2)

  • Moglue (A desktop platform that allows publishers, amateur authors to create interactive stories for iOS and Android devices) – Korea <See this story for more>
  • Second CRM (A web-based CRM software especially for SMEs in Asia) – Malaysia
  • Price Area (A shopping search engine to help you find the best deals) – Indonesia
  • LocoBuzz by Spatial Ideas (an analytics, query and communications platform which integrates news and tweets onto a geographical map) – India


  • [The Launchpad Winner] PlayMoolah (a web service for kids to master their money) – Singapore

Exhibitors’ Booths…
Garbs, a Tokyo-based start-up that helps you recruit potential colleagues using their Facebook app.
Compath.me, a location-based smartphone app that allows you to find discoveries near-by that the other users have posted and you may be interested in.
Makible, a Hongkong-based start-up for making niche products.  They connect with online communities to pre-order-crowd sourced products they make and distribute.  Founded by Jonathan Buford and Nicholas Wang.


I was invited to Lisa Katayama’s panel featuring Japanese tech scene, and we talked about the latest developments on the Japanese web industry.  Also I gave some words to Asian start-ups who eagerly go into Japanese market.  From left to right, Lisa Katayama (Tokyo Mango), Ian McFarland (Digital Garage), me, Jon Yonghook Cockle (CookPad) and Brian Ritchie (Mind Valley, Malaysia).  Photo courtesy: e27.

After the event…
Penn Olson, a Singapore-based tech blog which I’ve been contributing for, had a party in the central Singapore, where four Japanese start-ups including Cacoo, Fashion Style Japan, Compath.me and Moso had an opportunity to present. You can find videos shooting it here[J].

Just heard Asiajin co-founder Akky is planning to stay in Singapore for several weeks next month. If you’re interested in meeting him and making friendship, I recommend you to drop him a line.

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