Mig33 Launches Developer Program, Many Asian Gaming Apps To Come Out In Japan

As we reported here on Asiajin, Japan’s largest mobile gaming company Gree[J] partnered with mig33, a Singapore-born and currently US-based social network which has become the most popular in South East Asia.
Mig33 recently launched a developer program, which allows mobile game developers to make revenue by developing games on a platform which is compatible with Gree’s one[J]. Attending the program could be a chance to give their apps reach more than 50 million users in the region, and the most popular sets of the apps published on the platform may be migrated for GREE’s Japanese mobile users too.
As of this writing, 12 developers from 7 countries has been participating in the program, which may cause keener competition in developing mobile gaming apps because more developers not only in Japan but also those from foreign countries will be forced to sharpen swords on the common international arena, in publishing best-selling apps.
Meanwhile, in terms of global expansion by big name gaming platform operators, DeNA recently announced they would launch their Mobage service in English-speaking countries and Mainland China.
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