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Asiajin is a weblog focused on Asian startup companies, websites, and technology communities. Our mission is to provide timely articles about Asian Internet in English.




Akky is a part time pro-blogger for Cybozu Labs [J], by which received the Alphablogger Award given for Japanese A-listers.

Besides being a blogger, an entrepreneur and a freelance consultant, he has a software engineering background and loves manga. You may contact him at @akky or his sirname on gmail.com

Shunichi ARAI

Arai is a president of software consultant company mellowtone Inc. He lives in Fukuoka, Kyushu.

The Japanese government called Arai a ‘genius programmer/super creator’[pdf] in its famous software engineer support program “Mitou Project.” He is also known by his blog and social activities for software engineers.

Shunichi Arai has studied Korean language in Seoul for 4 months. Shun loves Korean culture, food, and people.

Serkan TOTO

Serkan Toto

Dr. Serkan Toto

Dr. Serkan Toto is a German based in Tokyo. Like us, he is passionate about introducing Japanese IT to the rest of the world.

Full-time, Serkan works as an independent web and mobile industry consultant for hedge funds, venture capital companies and start-ups worldwide. He is also an author for mega tech blog network TechCrunch, mainly covering Japan-related technology and web trends (all of his TechCrunch articles in English are here, the Japanese translations here).

This is Serkan’s website.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Masaru IKEDA

Masaru has co-founded several system integration companies and consulting firms in Tokyo. He has been contributing serial columns to nationwide newspapers and IT periodicals, also he’s currently serving as tech consultant for several web companies. See this for more bio.

His private blog is here.

Dominic Gallello

Dominic Gallello

Hi, I’m Dominic Gallello – half Japanese and fully bilingual. I graduated Waseda University and am currently working as a Digital Strategist at Naked Communications Tokyo and am currently developing a new division of the company focused on gaming called Naked Play. Ive lived around the world but grew up on the Internet – so I have a deep passion for internet culture and communications. Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Chiho Komoriya

Chiho writes all the articles of Japanese news site “THE SECOND TIMES”. She is a virtual world heavy user from 2006, and frequently logging in AmebaPigu and AmebaPico now. In addition, she is a special make-up artist and a figure sculptor. Twitter

Hiroumi MITANI

Hiroumi is working at the international development office of Rakuten. He is also well-known by his Japanese blog.

mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka ERLEWINE)


mitcho is a linguist and coder now in Boston at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He began proofreading and editing for Asiajin while he was living in Tokyo working for Mozilla Labs. You can visit his website and follow him on twitter.


Mobile consultant and the hub of Tokyo expat communities, Andrew has been helping Asiajin a lot. He is the organizer of Tokyo 2.0 and several other events.


Young student/IT Consultant who is graduating from Keio University. He is interested in working abroad to become an international entrepreneur.


Sean is a Canadian based in west Tokyo. Sean runs an English school and in his spare time, he writes, edits, and plays with code. He has appeared on mega tech blog TechCrunch exactly one time.

Shin Ohno

Shin is a web developer and system administrator. He is taking care of Asiajin server. He is happy that Asiajin server is stable lately.


We have contributors who are researching in Japanese, native speakers who revise English for clarity.

How we started

Asiajin was founded by two Japanese bloggers, Akky AKIMOTO and Shunichi ARAI. The official launch date was December 13th, 2007, though we had been preparing some articles before the public release.

We need your help

The Asian Internet community is disconnected. The language barrier is a big problem when we communicate with people from other countries. As such, Asian startups are not well known outside of their own countries.

We want this to change.

We want to create strong ties between Asian countries and Internet communities.

We want to give them a chance to gain international attention, funding, and chance of acquisition.

If you are living in Asia and want to help us, please tell us about your country’s famous websites, charming startups, or active technology/business communities. Asiajin welcomes your articles!

Please send us your tips and info on interesting internet trends and services at .

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