Ready For: A New Crowd Fundraising Site For Artists Launches

Ohma Inc., a Tokyo-based tech start-up known for semantic web-based who’s-who app Spysee[J], released a Kickstarter-like crowd fundraising service called “ReadyFor?[J]” this week.
The service intends to giving fundraising opportunities to amateur filmmakers, musicians and artists who would like to publish their works. If you invest in someone’s plan to develop his/her work, in return, you can get benefits like putting your names on it and seeing him/her face-to-face.
The company is currently running a campaign for helping the earthquake victims in the Tohoku area, for the time being, all the revenues earned from their services will be donated for the disaster relief efforts.

The following is a video clip shooting Miss Mera from Ohma has presented the app at Startup Dating‘s lightening talk session.

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