User-generated Web Apps Are Being Born Around IP Simulcast Radio Service

As Akky reported here on Asiajin, the Association of IP Simulcast Radio launched[J] on Monday, almost a week has been passed.   It has been attracting potential radio lovers using desktop or laptop on a daily basis, which caused network heavy load against the service on the day of the service launch.    Furthermore, some of the listeners were encouraged to develop new apps related to the service, which allows us to enjoy listening in more instant and convenient ways.
Author’s Note: Due to legal issues on the broadcast copyright protection and geographically-defined contracts with advertisers about their commercial message broadcasts, the IP simulcast service is available only in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and the Osaka Metropolitan Area.   It’s controlled by the Geo-IP technology.

  • CoRadiko[J] … is a web-based service, but this app allows you to enjoy listening to programs without launching any web browser.   Turn off timer feature is also available.
  • Radika[J] … This app has a feature that enables you to record what is aired via into your PC.
  • radipo[J] … Anonymous bulletin board service exclusively intended for sharing comments among those who are listening to a same radio program.   Comments posted on each of the bulletin boards for every radio channel are posted to Twitter as well.
  • Raditter[J],[J] … These web services aggregate all Twitter timelines having tags of radio station names and program names, and show you them on a page.
  •[J] … An URL shortening service for URL(s) of’s program on-air page.   It’s intended for being inserted to your Twitter message post when introducing’s currently aired program.
  • Nico Nico Jikkyo (commentary) … Nico Nico Douga is Japan’s most popular video sharing service as you may know, and its sub- and spin-out service Nico Nico Jikkyo is focused on sharing comments among the people watching a same TV program.   By adding menu options of, Nico Nico Jikkyo can now accept comments among the people listening to a same radio program via

Although is a test service and does not disclose API nor technical specification for developing service-related web apps, but not a little number of surrounding services have come up.   It proves the potentiality and the latent needs of radio services among the digital generation.
Via: IT Media[J]

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