Taiwan’s Apple Daily: A New Style Of Making News Visible Gets The World’s Reputation

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The world’s most successful professional golfer Tiger Woods is now facing adultery scandal.   Taiwan’s gossip news media Apple Daily (owned by Hong Kong’s Nextmedia) made 3-D CG videos on his car crash and what might have happened.   Some of the videos were put on YouTube and marked 2 million views in the last ten days.   New York Times praised it as “the new world of Maybe Journalism”, and the other world news media have used the videos on their news commentaries.
Apple Daily set up a CG news production division consisting of several dozen animators/programmers and started news distribution last month.   The division chief says, they started it because the younger generation doesn’t read paper-printed news and its circulation volume is getting smaller day by day.

Tiger Woods crashed a car in the midnight.  His wife smashed a car window and saved him.  But many doubts remained.

Foreign media are in scramble to reproduce Apple Daily’s Action News on their shows.

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