Japanese Web: Find Hilary Clinton’s Photo Similar To Social Game Idols


Playing on the tag challenge is one of the Japanese Twitter users’ favorites, besides super simultaneous tweets by TV watchers.

There is a series of challenges that #”Send A picture, and B will be given to you”(#Aの画像を送るとそれに近いBの画像が送られてくる). As a challenge, cats, yuru-chara characters and anime idols from Idol M@aster console/social game are used well.

For example, “Send Idol M@aster idol, and the Magic the Gathering card will be given to you.” was a huge hit.

The latest popular one happening around March 2 is an challenge tag #”Send Deremasu picture, and Hilary Clinton will be given to you.” “Deremasu” is a nickname of a social game in the Idol M@aster world.

US Presidential nomination is not a small news in its allied Japan. More people are seeing candidates photos on news media and that must affect these Japanese Twitter users to play on what.

You may explorer more and more Hilary’s photos matched with an Idol M@aster photo on Twitter search

Twitter Japan Begins Adboard in Central Tokyo

Twitter Japan(@TwitterJP) announced that it started signboard ads for passengers using Shimbashi station for one months.

This one says “Twitter knows the buzzed news.”

“When Twitter is telling you it is buzzed, it is surely buzzed on Twitter.”

Around Shimbashi station, special printing newspaper style paper ad with the title “News Now” are distributed to people.

Shimbashi station, around 2 kilometers south of Tokyo station, is the country’s first train station since 1872. Four train companies are connected and stopped by about 450,000 passengers. The station is thought as a typical “salaryman”(white collar worker men) place.

Photo Tweet A Minute Before Today’s Volcano Eruption Worried

A Japanese hiker @setori_ tweeted with a photo around a crater on Mt. Ontake, Nagano.

The tweet’s time 11:52 a.m is just one minute before the mountain erupted. There are no newer tweets from this person and Japanese web users are anxious.


Video by another hiker is uploaded on YouTube.

Public TV NHK used this video on their news tonight.

[Update 2]

According to @cooliceco, @setori_ posted a tweet saying that she safely came back from the mountain, but then she removed her account. (if believe the screenshots)

There are several accounts with name @setori_(digits) claiming that she is the original hiker opened a new account, but all seem fake and trolling.

Photo Tweet A Minute Before Today’s Volcano Eruption Worried

Twitter Virus “Plays Now” Exposes What Tasteless Videos Japanese Interested In

Japanese Twittersphere, one of the most active languages on Twitter, was confused by a simple but very effective viral trick since last week.


Since October 15, tweets with sensational titles of videos with a link to liveplaylist.net began to appear on people’s Twitter timelines among Japanese.

The tweets has the same format:

plays “(title, usually very sensational and/or indecent)” (URL to the trick site)

and if you open the link, the site says that it needs your Twitter application permissions (including posting tweets).

Many Japanese were lured by the catchy titles and gave permissions to this malicious site, and the site automatically let them tweet the same title/link. In few days, at least 30,000 tweets (according to Yahoo! Japan tweet search) revealed what indecent videos regular users wanted to watch, caused lots of confusions. One of the most reported video was a selfie nude of the killed actress by ex-boyfriend stalker this month.

A certain popular anime’s official account was tricked as well.


You can still see someone unknowingly disclosing his/her proclivities every minute. The search results show what attract people more, sadly most of them are sensational ones.

Big Chainstores Troubled With Social Media Photos Of Their Stupid Part Timers

My monthly column on The Japan Times this month was about young part time workers photo troubles over Twitter.

It was not possible to post the inconsiderate photos there, so I put some links for people who want to see the photos.

A summary site someone collected the problematic photos [J] (because most case the posters ran away with shutting down their Twitter accounts). It has 3 new ones in last 2 days, so the movement keeps going.

These series of incidents are now on several major media. Today Nikkei took up the problem as huge risk for enterprises [J].

Many columnists and opinion bloggers attempted to analyze why. Newsweek Japan’s columnist Akihiko Reizei from New Jersey wrote that prank by youth is much more accepted as an elites’ culture, with referring Rookie Hazing and MIT Hacks. According to him, there are no such prank culture by low wagers in fast food industry. I showed some to Japanese Twitter users.