Daum Starts Advanced Map Services in Korea

Daum Logo
Daum, the largest portal site in Korea started new map features (ROAD VIEW and SKY VIEW) on January 18th.
Daum has been providing map service in Korea. But they were not so competitive in the map service market. By providing this map features, I think Daum’s map has quite competitive in Korean map service market.
ROAD VIEW is similiar to Google’s Street view. The resloution is incredibly high.
Using DSLR camera, they could take high-resolution pictures. As you see in this picture, the pedestrian’s faces are blurred, so are number plates of cars.
Full-screen mode allows users to enlarge map.
Although there is only Seoul served at this point, they are going to expand service area.
SKY VIEW is not a satellite picture. It was taken by low-altitude aircraft. Some Korean users say, “I saw my dog’s kennel! on SKYVIEW”.
Since it was taken by aircraft, quality of photos is better than google map. SKYVIEW provides maps throughout the Korea.


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