Google Joins Forces With Japanese Astro Labs To Create Virtual Moon

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In commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first human landing to the moon, on Tuesday, Google introduced a 3D map showing you the entire surface of the moon, named “Moon in Google Earth”, which is available on version 5.0 or later of Google Earth. Besides moon surface photos supplied by NASA, Japanese astronomical laboratories such as JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) also provide Google with terrain data collected by a Japanese moon observing satellite, in order to reproduce more accurate altitudes in the images.
Author’s note: Tomorrow’s solar eclipse is now causing an explosive access levels to NAOJ’s website, you may have difficulty in reaching the destination of the above link.
“Moon in Google Earth” has several optional menus including Appolo mission, guide tour, and the satellite’s aerial pictures presented by Arizona State University, etc.
Moon in Google Earth
“Moon in Google Earth”: SELENE Impact Point

3D video(HD) reproduced from terrain data collected by SELENE, which was making a final approach to the expected impact point on the moon. Quoted from JAXA Channel [E/J] on YouTube.

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