Monetize Hacks #3 Report (part 2)

(Following to the part 1)
5. Livedoor (Asiajin articles)
Tomo Tsubota, Livedoor Blog [J] Business Department, opened and shared their user demographics and billing method.
Livedoor Blog started in 2003 and became black ink in Sep. 2007. 30% of sales come from premium service, which is used by 17% of active users. (60% revenue is from advertising)
The provided billing methods are credit card, payment at convenience store, BitCash [J] (pre-paid e-money), bank transfer and e-money(both Edy [J] and iD [J]). Ratio by sales amount are,

80% credit card
10% convenience store
6% BitCash
3% bank transfer
1% edy/iD

When seeing ratio by generation, 54% of teenagers use convenience store, then 13.2% use BitCash. This is easily explained because they usually do not have credit cards. For users over their 60, 34.1% uses convenience store with less credit card usage, he explained that credit card is not a friendly payment method for elders.
6. Mixi (Asiajin articles)
By Mixi Nengajo, why Mixi went with the new year greeting snail mail project, was told. It was intended to charge users communication.
Mixi is frequently asked “Why do not you to go e-commerce and sell things to its 17 million users?”, and Mixi’s answer is they try to think users’ value first. As Nengajo can effectively use social graph, and encourage communications.
7. Hatena (Asiajin articles)
Hatena logo
Hatena’s Yuichi Kawasaki told their goods, Hatena Star (virtual applauds), premium version of their social bookmark service, blog book publishing and new kids-users introduced by cooperation with Nintendo DSi (all [J]), with comparing their service with newspaper, Facebook and mobile social network services.

photo by Shiraber

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