Do Animated Tourist Guides Boost Local Economy?

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Tokyo-based animation studio FanWorks[J], which is well known for a famous title “Yawaraka Sensha ” or “Soft Wartank”, tied up with animators and TV broadcasters in Toyama (a Honshu island’s prefecture facing the Sea of Japan), and launched a project to promote the prefecture’s sightseeing business by creating original animation titles[J/E/F/C/K] which are intended for potential tourists living abroad, in association with Toyama-based animation studios, Berich[J] and P.A. Works[J].
The project is a part of the business boost plans which have been arranged by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and are aiming at cheering local economies.   The production partnership authored several animation titles featuring famous sightseeing spots in the prefecture.

The titles will be broadcast on LNTV[C], a public satellite TV broadcaster in Mainland China’s sister city for Toyama, as well as Toyama TV[J].   Furthermore, the title’s Internet distribution is also available at YouTube[J], NicoNico Douga[J] and Crunchyroll.   (Crunchyroll videos are accessible only outside Japan due to international licensing limitations.)
All the titles are available with subtitles in English, French, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.
Via Business Makoto[J] and IT Media News[J]

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