Yahoo! Japan to Open Silicon Valley Branch

The Jpaan’s largest web company Yahoo! Japan announced [J] that it is to have a new oversea branch in Silicon Valley “to research the cutting edge technologies”.

The release does not tell much details, except that it will send three staffs from its Data & Science solution department.

Japanese Restaurant Review Service Tabelog Opens English/New York Version

Popular restaurant review site Tabelog by launched English site for New York City on March 28.


US version tabelog has en accent mark on ‘e’, under .us domain. Its design is totally different and in Western-way design.

We’re incredibly excited to announce the official launch of the Tabélog New York website! The new site is live as of March 28th. Here’s an overview of just some of the new features you’ll find:

• Optimized restaurant review format
• User profile with customizable cover photo, introduction, and titles
• Maps to visually show which restaurants you’ve reviewed
• Bookmarks to keep you organized

The launch announcement on its official blog

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What’s So Exciting? Amazon’s Seattle Delivery-To-Locker Experiment At Convenience Store

Geekwire has been reporting (1, 2) US Amazon’s locker experiment in Seven-Eleven in Seattle, USA. With the locker, US Amazon customers will be able to receive their items not at home but at store.

I noticed that this news may be big as many other popular English blogs referred it. For me it is interesting because that option is totally common in Japan.

Amazon Japan has been doing it since July 2008 at Lawson, which has 8,600 stores nationwide.

Only Lawson supports this service among 6-7 major convenience store chains, however, as Japan is slightly smaller than California, and if you see the number of California Starbucks is about 2,000, Lawson exists 4 times more than Starbucks in California. It is pretty dense. I would say you can expect Lawson on your commute path.

English blog NHK wrote this Amazon Japan’s service before.

Some major Japanese online bookstores offer the service that you can pick up the ordered books at convenience store. If you have an Internet connection in Japan, this way is better.
There are a lot of convenience stores in any cities in Japan and it is very easy to find some stores near any hotel or destination. Almost stores are open for 24 hours and 365days. They provide not only foods and drinks but also various kinds of services.

There are other “receiving at store” delivery offered by following major online shopping services.

Yamato Transport – 7-11, Family Mart, Three F

Rakuten Books – Circle K, Sankusu, Family Mart, Mini Stop

Seven and Y 7-11 (they are in the same company group)

BK1 online bookstore – Newdays (in Japan Railway stations)

Yahoo! Shopping – depends on shop tenants

Tower Records Online – Family Mart, Sankusu, Circle K, Mini Stop
(Tower Records Japan has no capital connection with US Tower Records now)

Dinos – Family Mart, Lawson, Mini Stop, 3F, Circle K, Sankusu

Docomo Online Shop (cellphone) – Circle K, Sankusu, Family Mart

One big difference from Seattle’s experiment I notice is that there are no lockers in Japanese store, the delivered parcels are just kept under shop clerks, most of who are part timer and often foreigners in urban area.

Cyber Agent Establishes Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division

Cyber Agent has announced that it will establish an “Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division,” a specialized station for assistance in the undertaking of overseas marketing for smartphone, aimed particularly at America.

“Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division” is geared towards offering smartphone promotion of their Japanese business into the overseas market.

Cyber Agent’s operations include starting the overseas application “Free App King” which has recorded 2 million downloads from the AppStore, developing the smartphone media and service Smartphone Ad Network using Reward Network partner media, and is heading in the direction of implementing overseas smartphone promotion.

In addition to overseas business, smartphone promotion within Japan includes their group Smartphone Ad Network’s “AMoAd,” smartphone application “FreeAppNow,” and smartphone reward advertisement “CA Reward.”


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Hatsune Miku’s L.A. Performance To Be Sold On Blu-ray/DVD/CD

MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES “Nice To Meet You, I’m Hatsune Miku” [Blu-ray] [J]

Sega [J] is releasing a Blu-ray/DVD as well as a Live CD of “MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES `Nice To Meet You, I’m Hatsune Miku,`” in which Hatsuon Miku makes her first overseas performance held on July 2nd, 2011 at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles [J].

The Blu-ray/DVD is planned to go on sale on December 21st, and the Live CD will be available from November 20th, 2011.

The performance of “MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES `Nice To Meet You, I’m Hatsune Miku,`” was part of with the yearly established Japanese festival “ANIME EXPO 2011.”

Tickets sold out, and on the day of the concert, over 5,000 audience members were in attendance. The Blue-Ray/DVD and Live CD being sold are complete recordings of this performance. Special features include the “making of” video and the opening act featuring the opening MC and two members of the dance unit “DANCEROID.”

MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES “Nice To Meet You, I’m Hatsune Miku” [DVD]

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