2-channel Possessor Singaporean Company Is Dummy, Yomiuri Reports

Yomiuri Shimbun reported on March 27 that they had researched the ownership of 2-channel, Japanese gigantic anonymous bulletin board service, in Singapore, and resulted the self-claimed current owner Packet Monster Inc. in Singapore, is a paper company, one of 2,000 companies registered under Rikvin Consultance, whose address is the same as the Packet Monster, at 120 Telok Ayer Street.

2ch.net is managed and operated by PACKET MONSTER INC.

2-channel FAQ

Yomiuri’s correspondent contacted to Effendi Ahmad Faris Merican(sp?), one of the Packet Monster’s board members on the registration paper. Funny thing is that he answered to Yomiuri, “I was merely requested to be the executive. I have never heard about the 2-channel bbs.” at a shopping centre in suburb of Singapore on March 20.

Actually, when the hand-out of 2-channel ownership was announced by Hiroyuki, the founder of 2-channel, on January 2, 2009, there were some 2-channel users in Singapore visited the address, got the registration paper and concluded that there was no real company exists there. (1) [J], (2) [J]

Yesterday, Hiroyuki updated his blog to protest against Japanese government move to illegalize web-download [J], first time after the police raid to his house was reported on traditional media. Those media reports seemed to be sourced from the police leak, and this Yomiuri report might be on the same line which is saying that the 2-channel is still managed inside Japan.

Update: Asiajin To Host Reader Meet-up In Singapore On Saturday

Hello, Asiajin readers in Singapore!

I’ve just planned to attend Accelerate 2010, one of Asia’s biggest annual tech events that we also serve as a media sponsor of.   Since I’ll be in Singapore in that week, by using this opportunity, in order to exchange friendships and communicate with our readers in the country on a face-to-face basis, we expect to have a meet-up on Saturday, September 25th at 7pm at the country’s geek hub Hackerspace.SG.

(The picture of Merlion with Singapore City on the background shown above is reproduced from The Singapore Merlion is still getting strong attention after all these years… under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License.)

First of all, we would like you to save the date and to RSVP via Plancast if you can join. We’ll count the number of potential attendees and prepare an agenda based on it.

In the meet-up, basically we just want to have a presentation about Japanese tech scenes and what the attendees want to hear especially from us, then there will be elevator pitch presentations by those who are managing or working with tech start-ups, followed by a networking session.  Your suggestion on the meet-up agenda is highly welcomed.  Kindly leave it as a comment for this blog post if any.   More details are expected to be announced by September 18 which is a week prior to the meet-up date.  Please re-tweet and “plancast” the event.

We really wish to thank Bernard Leong of SGEntrepreneurs / Chlkboard and Justin Lee of Hackerspace.SG for helping us to arrange this.

See you all there.


Host: Masaru IKEDA (contributor for Asiajin, organizer for Startup Dating, web service producer, serial entrepreneur and tech journalist)
Date & Time: 7pm, Saturday, September 25, 2010 (Singapore local time)
Venue: Hackerspace.SG
70A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483
8-min walk from Bugis MRT Station (EW12/DT14)

7pm          Door opens
7:15pm       Introduction to Asiajin and The Latest Tech Trends in Japan & Asia
8pm          Presentations by Attendees
9pm          Networking
10pm          Door closes

Beverages: Beer and soft drinks are available at Hackspace.SG.  They ask for a small token of donation for the drinks consumed to allow them to replenish their supplies.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Foods: I (Masaru) am just planning to make something delivered to take the edge off the attendees’ hunger.   “Bring your own” are also welcomed.

After the meet-up: There will be the qualifying session of the F1 Grand Prix (starting at 10pm) very near the meet-up venue.   Let’s hang out.

Note: If you’ve invented or developed something new and would like to present it in front of the attendees and Asiajin readers, please catch me at the venue or drop me a line.   The event will be streamcast live if available.   Detailed schedule are subject to change.

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Amazon Opens Cloud Subsidiary In Japan

Amazon Web Services LLC, an Amazon’s company which manages and sells cloud computing services like EC2, S3, CloudFront, etc., is turned out to open its Japanese subsidiary Amazon Data Services Japan at unknown time in 2009, talked by one of their two employees at Japan Amazon EC2 Users Group, a blog Publickey reported [J].

At the users group with 30 attendees, the only name-known employee, Hideki Ojima, a Japan marketing manager, who worked for Adobe Japan as a lead of developers marketing, told that they are seeking employees for several positions to expand.

He also talked that Amazon US recognizes Japanese enterprises need different approaches, that’s why the subsidiary was established.

Amazon is said to plan its second Asian data centre in the latter half of this year 2010, following to the first one in Singapore. Ojima did not answer if the second location will be Japan or not.

Mixi ex-CTO Helps Singaporean Mobile Startup Xsago


Batara Eto, who suggested to make a Japanese social network to his boss in late 2003 and programmed Japan’s biggest social network Mixi, let the company (E-mercury) to change their primary business and rename (to “Mixi”, of course) with the huge success, then left his CTO job in 2007 [J], is reported to invest to Xsago, Singapore-based mobile application company. He also assumes a post as Technical Advisor .


Known by his success story with Mixi and his advocacy for open source, he was rumoured to run his own small tech start-up to develop something, which was recently disclosed as a new online photo sharing site Ficia, which is under private beta. I tried Ficia and it seems to aim better photo sharing experience, such like what Gmail did against Hotmail to Flickr, by using plenty of latest web technology. Let’s hope Ficia is not fishy 🙂


Xsago’s mobile application Foyage is explained as a location based utility tool to give you shop information around you, currently covers Singapore and Indonesia, where Eto originally came from.

(Hat tip to beeant)

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