2ch.net ownership moved to Singapore company

Hiroyuki Nishibuya, founder of Japan’s biggest anonymous BBS 2ch.net (Ni-Channel), revealed that he had transferred the ownership of 2ch.net to oversea on his blog.
The FAQ on 2ch.net was modified, too.

Q Who owns 2ch?
A 2ch.net is managed and operated by PACKET MONSTER INC.

2ch.net has been at the heart of libel lawsuits in decade since it established in 1999. Those lawsuits targeted at Hiroyuki as individual, and freedom of speech on 2ch.net has been somewhat kept by his attitude to emphasis those suing people getting more and more attentions from 2ch users.
The tribuneship of 2ch is now handed to a company PACKET MONSTER INC., which looks in Singapore. I think this is to avoid farther suits by removing the existence of the service from Japan, i.e. Hiroyuki still owns the service via the paper company. The servers of 2ch is always explained to be run in USA from its beginning. Now it becomes much more complicated to take legal action to 2ch.net in Japan.

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