Mixi Launches Smartphone Photo App Sends You Free Photobook Every Month

Mixi released iPhone/Android free app Nohana [J] today.

The app is a camera application with backend photo storage web service. Every month, you get one free photobook (stamp fee 90-yen = $1 required though) made from your taking photos. The book will have 28 pages with 20 photos.

They said that their business model is to sell the second or more photobooks, such like a gift to grand-parents living remotely.

The app is seen on US iTunes Store, but the texts are all in Japanese. And the truth that the site says 90-yen mail fee only, it sounds like the free book is only available domestically.

ノハナ フォトブック印刷・成長記録アプリ

Genre: Photo & Video, Lifestyle
Language: English, Japanese
Price: free
Version: 5.8.0

Artist: nohana, Inc.
Released at: 9:30 AM
User Rating (all version):
(by 20)
User Rating (current version):
(by 20)


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Amazon Japan Makes Free Delivery Campaign Persistent

Two e-commerce giants Rakuten and Amazon Japan have been discounting their shipping cost for free even your purchase is just few dollars since mid 2009 . Both of them, and some other follower online book sellers have been bleeding by extending their free shipping campaign.

Now On November 1st 2010, Amazon Japan declared [J] that they will keep this free shipping service as default. No end date any more.

This free shipping is applied for books/CD/DVD, daily commodities, health care products and food sold by Amazon (except Amazon Market Place stores).

AppTraq – A New Free Facebook App (And Others) Analytic Service

Tokyo-based UserLocal Inc., which is known by its free and paid tools for website traffic analysis both for PC and mobile access in Japan, launched a new analytic tool for free specialized for social networking application (Facebook and major three Japanese social networking services – Mixi, Gree and Mobage-Town) platforms both in English and Japanese.

As well as their web analysis service User Insight, AppTraq provides visitors’ demographics such like age, gender and location. Their popular mobile analytic service Ugokuhito‘s user data might contribute the accuracy of the data for mobile.

UserLocal’s president Masao Itoh, who is also known as a young serial web entrepreneur – which is very rare in Japan as successful founders tend to stay as a CEO for good, answered to Asiajin inquiry, “We have good amount of user data for Japanese websphere collected by our PC and mobile services, and that makes our demographic data usable. This time we are expanding this to English market.”

The service is provided for free even for huge traffic service over 50 million page views, which cannot be covered for free by competitors like Google Analytics.

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Google Japan’s Winter Present – Free WiFi In 370 Coffeeshops

Google Japan's Logo

Like Google US offers free WiFi in 47 airports, Google Japan announced 30 minutes free WiFi gift everyday for mobile users, at three chainshops, Tully’s Coffee, Pronto coffee/bar and Lotteria hamburger in populated areas [J] from November 30th to February 28th.

On this campaign [J] to promote Google services (you need to register with your mail, and click a banner ads by Google about Google Japan themselves), Google cooperates with NTT-Broadband Platform(NTT-BP)’s paid WiFi network Wifine [J]. Wifine also provides free access which limits town-guide websites, but for this one, you can enjoy all the internet for 30 minutes. If you have two mobile gadget, 30 minutes for each.

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