AppTraq – A New Free Facebook App (And Others) Analytic Service

Tokyo-based UserLocal Inc., which is known by its free and paid tools for website traffic analysis both for PC and mobile access in Japan, launched a new analytic tool for free specialized for social networking application (Facebook and major three Japanese social networking services – Mixi, Gree and Mobage-Town) platforms both in English and Japanese.

As well as their web analysis service User Insight, AppTraq provides visitors’ demographics such like age, gender and location. Their popular mobile analytic service Ugokuhito‘s user data might contribute the accuracy of the data for mobile.
UserLocal’s president Masao Itoh, who is also known as a young serial web entrepreneur – which is very rare in Japan as successful founders tend to stay as a CEO for good, answered to Asiajin inquiry, “We have good amount of user data for Japanese websphere collected by our PC and mobile services, and that makes our demographic data usable. This time we are expanding this to English market.”
The service is provided for free even for huge traffic service over 50 million page views, which cannot be covered for free by competitors like Google Analytics.

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