Google Japan’s Winter Present – Free WiFi In 370 Coffeeshops

Google Japan's Logo
Like Google US offers free WiFi in 47 airports, Google Japan announced 30 minutes free WiFi gift everyday for mobile users, at three chainshops, Tully’s Coffee, Pronto coffee/bar and Lotteria hamburger in populated areas [J] from November 30th to February 28th.
On this campaign [J] to promote Google services (you need to register with your mail, and click a banner ads by Google about Google Japan themselves), Google cooperates with NTT-Broadband Platform(NTT-BP)’s paid WiFi network Wifine [J]. Wifine also provides free access which limits town-guide websites, but for this one, you can enjoy all the internet for 30 minutes. If you have two mobile gadget, 30 minutes for each.

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