Mobage And Gree Both To Bring Their Flash Games Into Smartphone

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Two huge Japanese social gaming networks who are working on oversea expansion showed a new move to utilize their accumulated assets on Japanese feature phone world – Flash based games.

On June 30, Mobage company DeNA announced [J] that they had purchased Broadtail, a Tokyo-based tech start-up, who developed a tool named “ExGame” to run Flash Lite 1.1 applications on smartphone(iOS and Android). Flash Lite is a light version of Adobe Flash, which is used on Docomo’s feature phone. realized huge variety of Docomo’s cellphone app store years before Apple’s app store.

DeNA is to provide the ExGame engine to their important third-parties like Kayac, Klab, Crooz, Koei-Techmo, Pokelabo etc.

DeNA says that this engine enables to offer their over 1,000 feature phone games on Mobage into their smart phone platform.

Then today, July 11, Gree announced [J] that they developed and are to provide a Flash-to-HTML5 converter, which makes feature phone Flash applications run on iOS, for Gree partners(their development partners).

Gree also revealed that July 5 released smartphone version of Kurinoppe, a virtual pet raising social game which is one of their most popular games on feature phone platform, was made by using this converter.

SEO Of Love – Japanese Song and Game On SEO

SEO対策本部2 バナー

“Koi no SEO”(SEO of Love) is a Japanese song by Kyoto-based SEO company Web Rider Inc.. Of course, this SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”.

“Today I got my page ranked up, farewell to scroll-down”, “Now I noticed that tangled links. The important thing is to optimize our hearts.”, “Rhythm of Love is Algorithm”

They also published a Flash game “SEO Task Force – Dr. Blackhat’s Amibition” [J], a shooting game themed on SEO. Power-up items are “oraganik links”, “SEO tool”, “niche keywords”, etc. Bouns items are named like “incoming link”, “sitemaps”, “related keyword”, “cool url” and you have to avoid to get “cloaking”, “hidden link”…

The coupling of “SEO Of Love” is a song for CSS markup, “Margine Top de Utawasete”(Let me sing on margin-top).

“We cannot get back our distance, 110 pixels”, “Hard to know what you think, z-index. We are lined by border solid.”

Naisyoku – Japanese Mobile Social Game Leads You To Be… Menial Labor

Naisyoku (Moonlight Job) is a new social game by Acquire Corp. for DeNA’s mobile social networking service Mobage Town.

The Japanese word Naisyoku is not so positive. It literally means “working at home” but the word is often used to refer ultra menial labors done by low-income people who are unable to take regular jobs.

On the game, your goal is to find your missing father who said to become “Naisyoku-Oh”(The King of Naisyoku) and disappeared. You earn game money by playing a lot of casual Flash-based games which are on the theme of menial tasks, such like putting a vinyl frog head into its body, putting promotion covers on books, removing low-pressured tennis balls, putting stamp on letters etc.

The logo of the game has a Roman alphabet notation “No-Syoku”, which is a mixed word of English(No) and Japanese(Syoku = Jobs). The Japanese word “Naisyoku” means moonlighting, but “Nai” sound can also be taken as “No” so the game title has double meanings of “moonlight jobs” and “unemployed”.

Acquire Corp. is also running a similar game “Gokuhin Kazoku” [J] (Ultra Poor Family) with the same menial tasks on another social networking service Mixi’s mobile platform. On this game, your father got bankruptcy and became alcoholic, your mother fainted and almost dying. You have to work, save money, feed and care your mother and hope the father recovers.

Both games follow the modern social game format, represented by mafia games. That means you can make menial workers buddy, proceed games by assisting and cooperating with them. Of course if you spend real money, you can speed up things and get some advantages.

All of three major Japanese social networking services now opens their social application platforms, and many companies and start-ups backed-up by VC are rushing into social gaming. As most of them are using the same template and decorate it with different themes, I understand that some of them are desperate to find a new unique theme not to be blamed as a copycat.

What makes me wry smile is that these guys taking up “simple labor works” as games-in-game unintentionally showed off something many social game addicts have not noticed, or ignored. Recent social games are designed under freemium model, and usually what players have to do is rather endless select-and-click loop, i.e. a menial task. Basically it is difficult to “lose” on those games, it is just how fast you can proceed on the designed track. In real life you will get compensation, in social games some people even pay to cheat to achieve something virtual faster than other players.

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Game To Defeat the Twitter’s Fail Whale

“Kujira-san no Game”(Whale Game) [J] is a tiny Flash shooting game, which takes Twitter and its notorious Failing Whale as motifs, made by a Kansai-based game hobbyist group Daiojyo [J].

You may be requires to unlock your browser’s pop-up blocker. Control your bird by mouse, and shoot by left-click. There will be a power-up item on the middle.

The last boss to beat is, of course, everyone’s enemy the Fail Whale, which seems a bit overloaded.

Play yourself!

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Dot War – Command Your Twitter Icon Battalion

Dot War is a Flash-based strategy game with thousands of generated units from your, your friends’ or random Twitter icons.

On the start menu, you may choose “single scenario”, “manual match-up” or “automatic VS mode”. You may manipulate your troops by mouse, or in the automatic mode, your setting two icons fight in auto-play. And in the VS mode, the same combination of Twitter users always leads the same result.

Units made from every single pixel from Twitter icon, has four parameters given by its colour. So each icon has different speed, stamina, attacking power and reach.

You will win when you can take down your opponent’s three crystals within time.

The game is created by a Tokyo-based Flash engineer Sipo (@tail_y).