CyberAgent Exports Social Avatar Community To English, Ameba Pico

As pre-announced last November, CyberAgent Inc., a Japanese big web media/advertising company, launched their popular social avatar community, constructed on Flash technology, Ameba Pigu‘s English version Ameba Pico.

Based on Ameba Pigu’s avatar cloths-changing, communication chatrooms and casual games, English Pico provided more avatar items for oversea cultures, adds gift and message boards features which do not exist in Japanese version.
Ameba Pico is also connected with Facebook to hope to attract its 400 million users.

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Press Release [J] (No English release is on their company site yet.)

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  1. Oh dear. This service is massive in Japan but, just checking the English version of it leaves me in tears. The English is incredibly bad!!
    They will be laughed out of the market.

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