Mobage And Gree Both To Bring Their Flash Games Into Smartphone

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Two huge Japanese social gaming networks who are working on oversea expansion showed a new move to utilize their accumulated assets on Japanese feature phone world – Flash based games.
On June 30, Mobage company DeNA announced [J] that they had purchased Broadtail, a Tokyo-based tech start-up, who developed a tool named “ExGame” to run Flash Lite 1.1 applications on smartphone(iOS and Android). Flash Lite is a light version of Adobe Flash, which is used on Docomo’s feature phone. realized huge variety of Docomo’s cellphone app store years before Apple’s app store.
DeNA is to provide the ExGame engine to their important third-parties like Kayac, Klab, Crooz, Koei-Techmo, Pokelabo etc.
DeNA says that this engine enables to offer their over 1,000 feature phone games on Mobage into their smart phone platform.
Then today, July 11, Gree announced [J] that they developed and are to provide a Flash-to-HTML5 converter, which makes feature phone Flash applications run on iOS, for Gree partners(their development partners).
Gree also revealed that July 5 released smartphone version of Kurinoppe, a virtual pet raising social game which is one of their most popular games on feature phone platform, was made by using this converter.

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