CyberAgent And SNS Set Up New Company “7gogo,” Develop Public Group Talk App For Famous People

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has, in partnership with SNS Inc., established the new company 7gogo Inc. [J] (read: nana gogo), and has also announced the opening of a public group talk application for celebrities.

Fujita Susumu of CyberAgent will assume the post of representative director of 7gogo, and with Horie Takafumi as the founder, they will develop public group talk apps allowing you to view opinions and conversations shared between celebrities.  Also, according to a tweet by Fujita Susumu, [J] the origin of the company name is from Mr. Horie’s prisoner number “755.”  They are aiming for 1 million users within the first year after release, and they are currently recruiting members as their business opens.
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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