CyberAgent Conducts Survey Of Its Home Page App “Candy”

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has submitted a questionnaire related to “smartphone usage” towards users of “Candy,” [J] their home page application for smartphone, and they have announced the results of this.
“Candy” is a smartphone application which allows users to create their own original home page and customize their profile, photos, and blog design.  From its release [J] on April 4th, its membership has been focused on female Jr. high and high school students; 95% of members are girls, and over 50% of members fall between the ages of 13 and 19 years old.  This survey has been directed towards “Candy” users between 13 and 19 under the theme of “smartphone usage.”
To begin, the result of the question about hours of smartphone use per day revealed that 80% answered over 3 hours, and 23% answered over 10 hours, which basically means that 1 in 5 Jr. high or high school girls surveyed use a smartphone for over 10 hours in a day.  From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, almost all of their hours are spent using their smartphones.  As for the question regarding gaming, those who answered that they play games (every day or sometimes) rose to about 70%.  Regarding the smartphone model used, iPhone takes up about half with 49%, and the white iPhone was most popular.  After this is the Android, with many users of Xperia and AQUOS, followed by MEDIAS, GALAXY, INFOBAR, and REGZA.
Detailed results are here: [J]
“Candy” Jr. high and high school girl student smartphone use survey summary
* Daily hours of smartphone use        (Total responses: 1,372)
* About smartphone game use        (Total responses: 1,165)
* About smartphone model used        (Total responses: 1,691)
* About address exchange with friends    (Total responses: 1,596)
* About means of contacting with friends    (Total responses: 2,380)
* About addictive apps            (Total responses: 2,139)
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