Augmented Reality + Capsule Toys, July 30th “Kamen Rider” Release By Bandai

Bandai [J] has announced that from July 30th they will launch a series of exclusive vending machine capsules (Gashapon) of the new figure series “HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider–01,” which fuses capsule toys with AR (Augmented Reality).  1 in each capsule, four types in all, each 500 yen.

“HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider” is a gashapon figure which is compatible with special AR apps for smartphone.  When you look at it through a smartphone with the app installed, visual effects on screen and voice sounds come out.  It becomes a figure with the added new function of having AR and “playing,” in the way of enjoying traditional “collect” and “decorate” gashapons.  Furthermore the effects change by combining them.  “Multiple simultaneous body scan” function is also equipped.  4 types are in the lineup of the first installment “HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider–01”: “Kamen Rider Fo-ze Pe-susuteitsu,” “Kamen Rider O-zu Supa-Totaba Combo,” “Kamen Rider W Psy-Clone Jokah,” and “Chou Ginga Ou” (Super Galaxy King). The AR app is compatible with iOS and Android, and both are planned for release on July 30th.

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Augmented Reality Disaster Prevention App Released

CAD Center
[J] has released the iOS AR (Augmented Reality) application “AR Hazard Scope Lite,” which displays disaster prevention information over the surrounding scenery for the 23 wards of Tokyo.  Download is free.

“AR Hazard Scope” is an application that displays disaster prevention information on screen, such as evacuation shelters and fire danger levels in the 23 Tokyo wards, or building collapse danger levels, when you hold up your iPhone camera to the surrounding scenery.   Danger levels are divided into 5 color coded steps, the color of that level is displayed over the ground being filmed on the video screen, and you can scroll by touching the map in the lower half of the screen.  When you do this, the GPS automatically turns off completely, and you can move the map from your current location.  By pressing the current location button, you can once again position the GPS to your current location.  As for evacuation shelter information, the nearest shelter’s distance and directions from your current location are indicated by arrow, and the distance as the crow flies is also displayed.

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Disaster Prevention App “AR Tsunami Camera” Released

Nabla-Zero [J] has released “AR Tsunami Camera,” an iPhone application for disaster prevention education.  Download is free.

“AR Tsunami Camera” is an application which layers a display using Augmented Reality over the actual scenery as seen through the iPhone camera, indicating “How far will it flood?” in case a tsunami hits.  At the request of the municipalities massively damaged by the great earthquake of East Japan, this app was developed for the purpose of using for disaster prevention education at schools.  By utilizing this, it becomes possible to see in the actual scenery “If a tsunami of a supposed height hits, how far will the flood reach in my vicinity?” and as for disaster prevention education, it simply brings out “true feelings regarding a tsunami.”  An Android version by the same company is in the works, and they are also developing an application for simulating the experience of “the actual tsunami’s height” at the scene of the area struck by the tsunami at Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, and Kizennuma Cities.

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Japanese School Textbook Inspired English Learning Book With AR

ミライ系NEW HORIZONでもう一度英語をやってみる

Mirai-kei New Horizon de Mou Ichido Eigo wo Yatte Miru(Challenge English again with futuristic version of New Horizon) by a Japanese publishing company Tokyo Shoseki is an English textbook, which follows the format of the company’s popular junior high-school text book New Horizon.

NEW HORIZON English Course 2
NEW HORIZON English Course 2

It is a textbook for adults who want to study high-school level English again.

The book features the same characters from the original textbook, but grown up. Their stories and conversations should be different from the age of junior-high.

The book also supports Augmented Reality on smartphone. Holding iPhone over the page will display the characters talk.

via Himasoku [J]

KDDI Releases New AR Brand SATCH, Comes With SDK For Free

KDDI released new AR brand SATCH yesterday, in order to expand AR (Augmented Reality) Market.

SATCH is a new brand to expand AR market with KDDI’s new AR technology.

SATCH sounds ‘sacchi’ in Japanese, which means ‘detect’, or cover cell phone quickly over the item and check it out.

KDDI also made a partnership with Total Immersion in September and expected to put extra investment.

Along with this press release, KDDI provides free SDK for developer based on D’fusion technology from Total Immersion on 15th of December.

via Keitai Watch [J]