Japanese School Textbook Inspired English Learning Book With AR

ミライ系NEW HORIZONでもう一度英語をやってみる
Mirai-kei New Horizon de Mou Ichido Eigo wo Yatte Miru(Challenge English again with futuristic version of New Horizon) by a Japanese publishing company Tokyo Shoseki is an English textbook, which follows the format of the company’s popular junior high-school text book New Horizon.
NEW HORIZON English Course 2
NEW HORIZON English Course 2

It is a textbook for adults who want to study high-school level English again.
The book features the same characters from the original textbook, but grown up. Their stories and conversations should be different from the age of junior-high.
The book also supports Augmented Reality on smartphone. Holding iPhone over the page will display the characters talk.

via Himasoku [J]

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