Augmented Reality Disaster Prevention App Released

CAD Center
[J] has released the iOS AR (Augmented Reality) application “AR Hazard Scope Lite,” which displays disaster prevention information over the surrounding scenery for the 23 wards of Tokyo.  Download is free.
“AR Hazard Scope” is an application that displays disaster prevention information on screen, such as evacuation shelters and fire danger levels in the 23 Tokyo wards, or building collapse danger levels, when you hold up your iPhone camera to the surrounding scenery.   Danger levels are divided into 5 color coded steps, the color of that level is displayed over the ground being filmed on the video screen, and you can scroll by touching the map in the lower half of the screen.  When you do this, the GPS automatically turns off completely, and you can move the map from your current location.  By pressing the current location button, you can once again position the GPS to your current location.  As for evacuation shelter information, the nearest shelter’s distance and directions from your current location are indicated by arrow, and the distance as the crow flies is also displayed.

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