Augmented Reality + Capsule Toys, July 30th “Kamen Rider” Release By Bandai

Bandai [J] has announced that from July 30th they will launch a series of exclusive vending machine capsules (Gashapon) of the new figure series “HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider–01,” which fuses capsule toys with AR (Augmented Reality).  1 in each capsule, four types in all, each 500 yen.
“HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider” is a gashapon figure which is compatible with special AR apps for smartphone.  When you look at it through a smartphone with the app installed, visual effects on screen and voice sounds come out.  It becomes a figure with the added new function of having AR and “playing,” in the way of enjoying traditional “collect” and “decorate” gashapons.  Furthermore the effects change by combining them.  “Multiple simultaneous body scan” function is also equipped.  4 types are in the lineup of the first installment “HYBRID GRADE Kamen Rider–01”: “Kamen Rider Fo-ze Pe-susuteitsu,” “Kamen Rider O-zu Supa-Totaba Combo,” “Kamen Rider W Psy-Clone Jokah,” and “Chou Ginga Ou” (Super Galaxy King). The AR app is compatible with iOS and Android, and both are planned for release on July 30th.
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