Disaster Prevention App “AR Tsunami Camera” Released

Nabla-Zero [J] has released “AR Tsunami Camera,” an iPhone application for disaster prevention education.  Download is free.
“AR Tsunami Camera” is an application which layers a display using Augmented Reality over the actual scenery as seen through the iPhone camera, indicating “How far will it flood?” in case a tsunami hits.  At the request of the municipalities massively damaged by the great earthquake of East Japan, this app was developed for the purpose of using for disaster prevention education at schools.  By utilizing this, it becomes possible to see in the actual scenery “If a tsunami of a supposed height hits, how far will the flood reach in my vicinity?” and as for disaster prevention education, it simply brings out “true feelings regarding a tsunami.”  An Android version by the same company is in the works, and they are also developing an application for simulating the experience of “the actual tsunami’s height” at the scene of the area struck by the tsunami at Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, and Kizennuma Cities.
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