Event: Echelon 2012 Japan Satellite In Tokyo This Friday (April 27)

Singapore-based tech blog e27 is holding Echelon 2012 on June 11-12, a startup event the site calls the biggest of its kind in Asia.

As in previous years, Echelon will take place in Singapore (the first one was organized back in 2010), and the main event is preceded by a number of lead-up events in various countries.

These so-called Satellites already took place in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The goal here is to identify cool startups for the Startup Marketplace exhibition at Echelon proper in June.

And now, it’s Japan’s turn.

Here are all details for the Echelon 2012 Japan Satellite event:

Date and time:
April 27 (this Friday), 2012 – from 10am-5pm

Open Network Lab, Inc.
Daikanyama DG Building, Ebisu-minami 3-5-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps

Registration (free admission):
link to registration in English
link to registration in Japanese/English on ATND

Event details:
9.00am : Registration starts
10.00am : Opening remarks by e27
10.10am : Opening Speech by Mr Mikihiro Yasuda, Open Network Labs
10.20am : Keynote – Case study of a successful Startup Pivot by Simon Newstead
10.40am : Keynote by Mr Yasuhiko Yurimoto, Global Brain
11.00am : Startup Pitches 1
12.30pm : Lunch
1.30pm : Keynote, The BlackBerry Opportunity by Alan Wong
1.50pm : Keynote by Sandeep Cassi
2.10pm : Keynote – An overseas experience for Japanese startups by Hiromichi Ando
2.30pm : Startup Pitches 2
4.00pm : Results and announcements

full list of speakers
full agenda

event hashtag:

I am expecting the event to hit full capacity very soon, so if you’re interested, you should register as soon as possible.

Event Wrap-up: Echelon 2011 And More, A Visit To Singapore In June

Almost a month ago, there was an international technology and start-up showcase event, which is called Echelon, at the National University of Singapore. Because of many things to do remaining after the event, I delayed making a write-up on it.

I think this year’s Echelon was its second edition, and that took place on June 16 and 17. Here’s a brief wrap-up.

Startup Launchpad (Part 1)

  •  Cardinal Blue (a photo collage app for iPhone/iPad) – Taiwan
  • WorkCrowd (a free social network for your workspace) – Malaysia
  • SixReps (a social network for fitness and sportenthusiasts) – Indonesia
  • JellyBus (a developer of Android-based funny apps) – Korea
  • Fetch Fans (A web-based assistant to help your Facebook/Twitter designs) – Singapore
  • Bouncity (A location-based gaming platform where users can hunt for bounty from participating brands and get rewards)

Startup Launchpad (Part 2)

  • Moglue (A desktop platform that allows publishers, amateur authors to create interactive stories for iOS and Android devices) – Korea <See this story for more>
  • Second CRM (A web-based CRM software especially for SMEs in Asia) – Malaysia
  • Price Area (A shopping search engine to help you find the best deals) – Indonesia
  • LocoBuzz by Spatial Ideas (an analytics, query and communications platform which integrates news and tweets onto a geographical map) – India


  • [The Launchpad Winner] PlayMoolah (a web service for kids to master their money) – Singapore

Exhibitors’ Booths…


Garbs, a Tokyo-based start-up that helps you recruit potential colleagues using their Facebook app.


Compath.me, a location-based smartphone app that allows you to find discoveries near-by that the other users have posted and you may be interested in.


Makible, a Hongkong-based start-up for making niche products.  They connect with online communities to pre-order-crowd sourced products they make and distribute.  Founded by Jonathan Buford and Nicholas Wang.



I was invited to Lisa Katayama’s panel featuring Japanese tech scene, and we talked about the latest developments on the Japanese web industry.  Also I gave some words to Asian start-ups who eagerly go into Japanese market.  From left to right, Lisa Katayama (Tokyo Mango), Ian McFarland (Digital Garage), me, Jon Yonghook Cockle (CookPad) and Brian Ritchie (Mind Valley, Malaysia).  Photo courtesy: e27.


After the event…


Penn Olson, a Singapore-based tech blog which I’ve been contributing for, had a party in the central Singapore, where four Japanese start-ups including Cacoo, Fashion Style Japan, Compath.me and Moso had an opportunity to present. You can find videos shooting it here[J].

Just heard Asiajin co-founder Akky is planning to stay in Singapore for several weeks next month. If you’re interested in meeting him and making friendship, I recommend you to drop him a line.

Meet Japanese Start-ups on Fri and Sat in Singapore

Picture courtesy: Flickr user edwin.11 (used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

Singapore is very hot on tech throughout this week, since Echelon 2011, one of the largest tech conference in South East Asia, will be taking place at the National University of Singapore, where the region’s best start-up companies and services will be chosen by well-known authorities. We will join it as a media attendee and bring you live coverage.

Following the event, on the Friday evening (June 17), a Singapore-based blog covering the Asian tech scene, Penn Olson will host a meet-up, and they give Japanese four tech start-ups a chance to pitch their innovative ideas to tech geeks, Internet celebrities and investors who will have come from all across Asia.  Applications for the meet-up have been already closed, but we’re expecting to bring you a live streamcast or a live blogging from it.

Participating start-ups are:

  • Fashion Style Japan: Yoshio Narita, CEO & Founder of Qomune (See this for more)
  • Compath: Hiromichi Ando, CEO & Founder (w/ his colleagues)  (featured in this story)
  • Moso: Shinji Murakoshi, CEO & Founder of Moso (featured in this story)
  • Cacoo: Shinsuke Tabata, Managing Dir. & co-founder of NuLab, Inc. (See this for more)

Furthermore, on Saturday at 7pm (Singaporean time), at Hackspace.SG which is located at the heart of the country’s Arabic district, we will have a casual meet-up with people of the hackerspace and the four start-ups mentioned above. I’m intended not to create an agenda nor time schedule.  But if you are interested in talking with these guys in person, please come and join us. (Plancast)   I’m looking forward to tasting great meals by Meng Weng Wong there, who is the hackerspace’s director and also known for being very good at cooking.

See you all there.

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Echelon 2011: Applications For Asia’s Leading Launchpad Program Closing In Two Weeks

Echelon, Asia’s leading web technology event which is annually organized by Singapore’s tech news media and our friend e27, is scheduled to take place in June at the National University of Singapore.   Its satellite events will be held in Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore in April to select the best tech start-up companies/services to be showcased at the main event in June.

Currently applications for their launchpad program are open and due March 8.   Any applicant must be registered as a company in Asia, 12 months old or less at time of submission since its foundation and working on web or mobile based technologies.

You can find a bunch of stories at their archive to learn what has happened at the previous event.   If you’re interested in applying for the program, please visit the application form and fill it.   Let’s be a part of the community where Asia’s greatest tech stars will be born.

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Gree To Take Several Percent Stake In Singapore’s SMS/IM-based Social Network Mig33

Japan’s third largest social network GREE[J] announced today they would invest in Mig33 (by Project Goth, Inc.) who is a SMS and IM text messaging-based social network platform in Singapore.   GREE plans to invest several million US dollars in Mig33’s series C round and to acquire several percent stake.   This will be the first ever case investing in a non-Japanese company for GREE.   Mig33 is a social network platform designed for feature phones and has engaged 40 million users in emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.   The two companies are expecting to work together for developing a common platform that allows the third party providers to publish their apps and services on the both social networks.

GREE announed last month that they would take 4.2% stake in @cosme[J] (by iStyle, Inc.[J]), a word-of-mouth based marketing portal especially on cosmetics products targeting Japanese females in their 20s and 30s.

Prior to this round, Mig33 has accumulated 2.35 million US dollars fundraising from VC firms including Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and DCM.

via: Second Times[J]