PostSell Adds Personalized Product Recommendations To Email Receipts

Singapore-based startup PostSell has one goal: boosting sales of online retailers through product recommendations in email receipts. In other words, it’s just like Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” being built into emails that you get from shops after buying something online.
What’s interesting is that PostSell says 70% of buyers actually open those order confirmation emails, offering room for personalized product recommendations to make buyers come back.

The free upselling tool of the same name is especially geared towards smaller online shops with 50+ stock-keeping units, and the company promises it’s dead-simple to use – on any shopping cart system out there. All that retailers need to do is to send their receipts through PostSell without setups, configurations or any kind of programming.
You can sign up for a preview here, and check PostSell’s company blog for more information on how to boost sales through email.
The startup has come out of the first Founder Institute Singapore program, which started earlier this year. More info on how that came about can be found here.

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