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colopl Releases Global Smartphone Game “DINO Dominion”

colopl Inc. [J] has released an iOS global version of the smartphone original simulation game app “Kyouryuu Dominion” (Dinosaur Dominion) as DINO DOMINION.  As with the Android version [J], download is free, but it cannot be used in Japan.

“Kyouryuu Dominion” is an original simulation game for smartphone that lets you enjoy powerful dinosaur battles using realistic dinosaurs as a motif.  “DINO DOMINION,” just like in the Japanese version, lets you enjoy realistic exploration scenes and animations that make use of JavaScript and HTML5, over 150 dinosaurs reappearing in minute 3D detail, and true to life sound effects.  In addition, it incorporates “location game” components distinctive of colopl where by registering your location you can proceed advantageously.

Kyouryuu Dominion [J]


[app id:561870032] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

1/35 Dinosaur world series small dinosaurs set [J]

Dinosaurs (Kodansha Encyclopedia MOVE) [J]

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Classic Characters from “Doko Demo Issho” In Android Calculator App

Sony Digital Entertainment Inc. [J] and Gigno System Japan Inc. [J] have released the Android app “Toro Dentaku” [J] (Toro Calculator).  Download is 210 yen.

“Toro No Dentaku” is a calculator app that features the 5 characters Toro, Gene, Ricky, Pierre, and Suzuki from the “Doko Demo Issho” (Anywhere Together) series (a game for Playstation originally released in 1999).  You can choose from 3 types of design including “2D Pokepi,” “3D Pokepi,” and “Pokesute Fuu,” and cute sound effects play each time you push a button.

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Doko Demo Issho Angel [J]

Doko Demo Issho Soccer Set [J]

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North American Version of Social Game “Nyobunyaga No Yabou” Released As “Samurai Cats”

Koei Tecmo Games [J] has released “Samurai Cats,” an English version of the warring states social simulation game “Nyobunyaga No Yabou” (Nobunaga’s [meow] Ambition), for the global version of Mobage.  An Android version release will lead the way in the North American market of USA and Canada.

“Nyobunyaga No Yabou” is a social warring states simulation game featuring “catified” feudal Japan military commanders, and in addition to currently being offered for Yahoo! Mobage and Mobage, a Chinese version has also been released [J] in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, via Taiwan’s Cayenne Entertainment Technology.  This is the first instance of a release in the English speaking world, and the game system and artwork has been left unchanged as only the text has been translated into English.  Also, it cannot be used from Japan.

Nobunyaga No Yabou walkthrough cat book of heraldry

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Tsukuri.com Released – Make Your Own Visual Novel

Kuusoukagaku Inc. [J] (Fantasy Science Inc.) has released Tsukuri.com [J] (Make.com), an Android application that lets you make your own visual novel.

“Tsukuri.com” is an application where you can make an original visual novel which runs on Android, setting items, characters, and scenery with pictures taken on your smartphone.  The app itself is free, and it charges a fee according to the capacity and functions used.  SNS functions are also in the works for the next version up, and in addition to being able to make exchanges with user peers through the games you made, the edit function will also be enhanced.


(C)Kuusoukagaku Corp.

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SoftBank Starts Using The 900MHz “Platinum Band”

There can be no doubt that SoftBank is the mobile carrier with the weakest network among Japan’s big three telcos, following that of NTT Docomo and KDDI. But now there is hope that things will finally change for the better.

Back in March this year, the Japanese government decided to allocate the 900-megahertz band (also dubbed “platinum band”) to SoftBank. And yesterday, the company finally started using the band, with plans to set up a total of 42,000 compatible base stations all over Japan by 2019.

Users can check the areas that are serviced by visiting this website (it looks like large parts of Greater Tokyo will get covered by September this year).

SoftBank, which currently has 30 million subscribers, expects cost for the network upgrade to amount to around US$10.5 billion.

Last month, the Japanese government allocated another “platinum band” to Docomo, KDDI, and eAccess: SoftBank’s rivals plan to use the 700-megahertz band for their LTE services from 2015.