FxCamera: Tokyo-Based Bitcellar Buys Popular Android Photo App

Tokyo-based photo storage service startup Bitcellar today announced it has acquired FxCamera, the biggest camera app on Android phones at the moment: according to the company, FxCamera currently boasts 15 million registered users around the world.
Details of the deal weren’t disclosed.
Morifumi Yamashita, who single-handedly developed the app, has joined Bitcellar’s board and plans to continue to work on FxCamera. In a “reverse Instagram distribution strategy”, FxCamera on iOS is apparently to follow soon. Bitcellar says that the app will get additional functions, too.
FxCamera allows Android users to add various effects to their pictures (i.e. FishEye or ToyCam), and it looks like people are loving the app (it currently has a 4.4 stars rating on Google Play).
You can download the multi-lingual app for free here.

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