Nihon Enterprises Opening Android Market From Summer Which Allows Payment Using Point Program “Ponta”

Nihon Enterprise, [J] in partnership with Royality Marketing, who run the community point program Ponta, [J] has announced that from this summer they will launch the Android contents service “Ponta App Market” which can make transactions using Ponta points.
“Ponta App Market” is a marketplace for Android where you can leisurely purchase contents using saved Ponta points via businesses and shops linked up with Royality Marketing.  Because of this, “Ponta” users’ options for using saved points will widen further.  As a mobile solutions company, Nihon enterprise has a chance  push towards offering exciting mobile contents for “Ponta” users with this “Ponta App Market” service.

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note from Asiajin

Ponta [J] is rather new point card alliance, and major companies joined the network are Geo, Japan’s second largest video rental chain-store after Tsutaya/CCC and Lawson, the nation’s second largest convenience store chain after Seven Eleven.
Lawson used to be a member of T-point card, which is led by CCC.

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  1. Ponta Application Market can be a niche for Android to leisurely purchase contents using saved Ponta points via companies and shops linked tabs on Royality Marketing.

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