Hachioji-city Makes Unofficial Android Girl Character Droiko-chan

Hachioji is a city in Western Tokyo, about 1 hour ride train from Tokyo station. It is a bedroom suburb of Tokyo with 555,000 population.
The city, local chambers of commerce, enterprises and universities formed a project Cyber Silkroad Hachioji [J], which aims economic development of the city.
The latest Android news from Hachioji is that they made an original mascot character girl Droiko-chan (ko is often used for the ending of Japanese girl’s name. -chan is honorific suffix for little girl).

Android motif cakes are sold In Hachioji Shop

Before, Hachioji local fabric industry collaborated by making Android Neck-tie.

They have T-Shirts and Japanese bags.
via Hachioji Keizai Shimbun [J] via Internet Watch [J]

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