Mi-in sigye: Korean compny offers Korean Hot-girl clock gadget similar with Bijin-tokei

Korea based company Megacoms[KR] offers clock gadget “Mi-in sigye” at Talkon.  Mi-in means “beautiful girl” in Korean.



It shows ramdom street-casted 3 hundred Korean girls holding up sign which wrote current time.

Its concept, feature and functionality are almost identical with Bijin-Tokei [J], which we covered the gadget and the iPhone App before. There are no mention about Japanese one so it does not look licensed or affiliated.

In addition to Japan’s Bijin-Tokei, Mi-in sigye shows you the girls’ profile.

Some pictures show girl's blog address or cellphone number
Some pictures show girl's blog address or cellphone number

You see the picture above shows her phone number. Some pictures have not only the girls’ blog addresses but also their phone numbers. In Korea, many people put their self-taking pictures on blogs and other internet services, which is different from Japan, where anonymity is cared more.

To see all girls’ photos and profiles, registration to the site is required.

Megacoms is going to offer Mi-in sigye in appstore. and also planning to offer “hot guys” version of the clock gadget. 

via Talkon

Daum Starts Advanced Map Services in Korea

Daum Logo

Daum, the largest portal site in Korea started new map features (ROAD VIEW and SKY VIEW) on January 18th.

Daum has been providing map service in Korea. But they were not so competitive in the map service market. By providing this map features, I think Daum’s map has quite competitive in Korean map service market.




ROAD VIEW is similiar to Google’s Street view. The resloution is incredibly high.

Using DSLR camera, they could take high-resolution pictures. As you see in this picture, the pedestrian’s faces are blurred, so are number plates of cars.

Full-screen mode allows users to enlarge map.

Although there is only Seoul served at this point, they are going to expand service area.


SKY VIEW is not a satellite picture. It was taken by low-altitude aircraft. Some Korean users say, “I saw my dog’s kennel! on SKYVIEW”.

Since it was taken by aircraft, quality of photos is better than google map. SKYVIEW provides maps throughout the Korea.

Google Launched Google Maps in Korea

Google started Google Maps Korea on November 25th. Goole was not providing map service in Korea before. Google’s presence is much lower than their presence in the US or Japanese market.

Google Maps Korea will be very helpful for overseas travellers, because they can use the service with their familiar Google Maps interface, even though the map itself is written in Korean.

We hope that many Korean startups will create mashup services using Google maps API.

*Other map services in Korea

Many Korean portals, including Yahoo! Korea [KR] or Paran [KR], are already offering map services.

Yahoo! Korea map (so called ‘gugi’) can overlay traffic situation on the map. you can see traffic situation in Seoul and other cities realtime. Colored lines in the map indicate traffic situation on the road.

Paran is providing a map service using a system of GEOPIS which has been offered a map service in Korea. By drawing a line on the map, users can make their own map. Also, they can upload and share movies about cafe, restaurant and so on.

Voodoo LAN cable sold in $1070

What I’d like to show you today is audio LAN cable called “BLACK MAGIC”.
It will be out soon on Nov. 15th on Zigsow, which is an online-mall with users-review community.

Its price is 105,000 yen which is equivalent to 1070 US dollars. It just only 1.5 meter! It indeed surprising! I think it is the most expensive audio LAN cable in the world.

According to Zigsow, BLACK MAGIC can transfer High-Quality by RCT(Resonance Control Technology) developed with their own technology. Also, It’s cable connector can be changed with Neutrik‘s Audio cable connector with extra fee.

via BB Watch