Cookpad Switches To Ruby Version 2.0

Cookpad Engineers’ Blog announced [J] today that their web-service has migrated to Ruby 2.0.0-p0, the latest version of Ruby. That Japan’s (and probably the world’s) largest recipe web-service is one of the largest Ruby-based consumer web services. There are some incompatibilities from former versions of Ruby and 2.* series.

RubyConf China 2010 To Be Held In Shanghai On June 26

RubyConf China 2010 will be held on June 26th at Shanghai Television University (228 Guoshun Road, cross Yangpu Road) (上海电视大学,国顺路288号). Last year RubyConf China was held very successfully with 450 attendees. Ruby’s father Matz was treated like a superstar with lots of autograph and photograph requests. This year, some of the talks will be done… Continue reading RubyConf China 2010 To Be Held In Shanghai On June 26

Matz becomes an honorary citizen of Matsue-city

(Photo by Jim Lindley (cc-by-nc)) Ruby’s creator Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto is going to become an honorary citizen of Matsue city where he lives. The city will award three people this time but other two are awarded posthumously. Matz, a 44 years-old geek, is the youngest recipient of the award. Matsue city considers Ruby and Matz… Continue reading Matz becomes an honorary citizen of Matsue-city

Report of RubyConf China 2009

May 21st, the father of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto aka Matz, visited Shanghai to attend RubyConf China 2009, the first large Ruby conference in China. The conference was an astonishing success. 450 people attended the event. All talks except keynote were given in Chinese. Matz gave a keynote which reveals design concept and characteristics of the… Continue reading Report of RubyConf China 2009

RubyKaigi will be held this week

The Japan’s biggest conference on Ruby, RubyKaigi 2008, is going to be held on 20th(fri)-22nd(sun) June. Tickets for main sessions are already sold out. However you can attend to sub-sessions, poster sessions without ticket. I will give a talk as a part of sub-session on 21st (in Japanese).

Rakuten/Matz are developping Web OS based on “Roma” and “Fairy”

via atmark IT At Rakuten Technology Conference 2007, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, a Rakuten fellow who also designed Programming Language Ruby, told about their projects “Roma” and “Fairy” to let Rakuten have its own Distributed Processing System (Web OS) like Google, Yahoo and Amazon have. “Roma” is a on-memory distributed hash storage which “concept is similar… Continue reading Rakuten/Matz are developping Web OS based on “Roma” and “Fairy”