Rakuten/Matz are developping Web OS based on “Roma” and “Fairy”

via atmark IT
Rakuten Logo
At Rakuten Technology Conference 2007, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, a Rakuten fellow who also designed Programming Language Ruby, told about their projects “Roma” and “Fairy” to let Rakuten have its own Distributed Processing System (Web OS) like Google, Yahoo and Amazon have.
“Roma” is a on-memory distributed hash storage which “concept is similar to Amazon Dynamo” as he said. “Fairy” is a Ruby implementation of MapReduce argorythm.
Rakuten-group is now holding about 1,100 developers and aiming 3,000 developers in 3 years, told by Akio Sugihara, Chief Produce Officer.
TechCrunch: Amazon Takes Another Step Towards The Web OS With Dynamo (the word “Web OS”)

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