“Go! Go! Museum” International Release

Fuji Television, Inc. [J] and Pankaku, Inc. [J] have released the iOS app “Go! Go! MUSEUM” for the whole world.  Download is free.

“Go! Go! MUSEUM” is a game where you collect rare works of art and historical artifacts to make your own one of a kind museum.  By hunting for treasure around the world and collecting exhibits, exclusive guests will come by to visit.  Also you participate in real time auctions and bid for sale while competing with other players for rare exhibits.  Even more, there’s a trick where the exhibits come alive when you “put your heart into it.”  The game comes equipped with the Social Development Kit for smartphones “Pankia” offered by Pankaku, and you can share your activity within the game with other players.

Go! Go! Museum
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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