Digital Hearts Buys Out Major Game New Site “”

Digital Hearts, Inc. [J] through its board of directors, has announced their decision to acquire stock of Aetas Inc., [J] who run the game news site “” [J], and make it a subsidiary company.  Thus Digital Hearts will earnestly enter the media business as of this.
Aetlas Inc. is a company that manages the PC game online game, consumer game information site “”  As a top ranking comprehensive game information site in Japan which boasts 3.3 million unique users and 65 million page views per month, their affinity for exceeding at consumer game relations in the debug business is high according to Digital Hearts.  From now, this company group will unite the information transmission capabilities of their over 7000 registered testers including game core users, debug knowhow extending to 700,000 cases, and the information transmission power of sites such as “” and, who provide their users with bug information for various products.  This will form the basis for continuing new business expansion throughout the whole group.
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