“Romance Game” Series’ “My Lover’s A Thief” Comes To America

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc., The North American subsidiary to Voltage, Inc., [J] has released Voltage’s “Romance Game” North American counterpart “My Romance” series part two as “My Lover’s a Thief.”

“My Lover’s a Thief” is a North American English version of “Kaitou X Koi No Yokokujou” (Mysterious thief X love’s advance notice), a titled offered by Voltage in Japan as a smartphone app and a cellphone carrier official monthly service.  the basic game flow and system, while following in step with the original Japanese version, the scenarios and illustrations have been heavily re-vamped to match the taste of American girls.  Also, their first title in the “My Romance” series, “A Prince’s Proposal,” ranks 15th in the North American App Store entertainment category (top sales), and in the Asian sphere it has logged at the number 1 spot in Singapore (September 2012).  “Romance Game”’s recognition overseas is growing.

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My Lover’s a Thief
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