“Go! Go! Museum” International Release

Fuji Television, Inc. [J] and Pankaku, Inc. [J] have released the iOS app “Go! Go! MUSEUM” for the whole world.  Download is free. “Go! Go! MUSEUM” is a game where you collect rare works of art and historical artifacts to make your own one of a kind museum.  By hunting for treasure around the world… Continue reading “Go! Go! Museum” International Release

Social SDK “Pankia” Tops 10 Million Users

Pankaku [J], who have developed the smartphone social SDK “Pankia,” has announced that their number of users has topped 10 million.  This means that they have reached 10 million users in the 18 months since the service began. “Pankia” is a social SDK (software development kit) developed by Pankaku.  It supports iOS and Android, and… Continue reading Social SDK “Pankia” Tops 10 Million Users